Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day #6

I turned 40 this summer.

And I had a hard time with it! I believe God timed our moving perfectly, as I was so occupied with that, and I didn't really have tons of time to dwell on the birthday.  Jay, Becky, Dana & Sarah worked hard and threw me a lovely party.


It was a wonderful night. I felt celebrated and loved. (I have so few pics from that night. If anyone has any others, please send them to me! Thank you!)
Then we moved a few weeks later, and I haven't had much time to consider that I am no  longer in my thirties. 
Last Sunday night, at church, Jay, Mary Margaret & I were visiting with a few people & Jennifer Rothschild asked me how old I was, and when I replied, "I turned 40 this summer" Mary Margaret leaned over to me and asked, "Mom, is that the first time you've had to say it out loud?" Boy, does she know me or what!?
And Jennifer responded with something like, "No, Niki! Embrace growing older! It's wonderful!" and she went on to say this, "I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin now than I did when I was 30."
I have thought and thought and thought about this. And I realized that she is right! I had not thought of it like that, but she is right.  And I'm so glad she said that to me.
When I think of how I felt about myself at 30, it does seem so different than how I do now.  We moved to Jefferson City when I was 31, but I've told Jay that I feel like I grew up there.  My walk with Christ is so different now that it was then and I know that is the strongest factor in this. 
What about you? Are you comfortable in your own skin? Comment or email if you'd like to.

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  1. I don't have any photos but I do have a couple videos? ;)