Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day #20 Book or photo album?

Jay told me a few days ago that he had spoken with one of his former co-workers from the convention.  He told me about the conversation with Letha and we had a good laugh.  I got teary-eyed thinking about her.  Here is the conversation that followed:

"Are you looking forward to seeing everyone at annual meeting?"

"Yes." (with a big smile)

"Did it make you sad, to talk to Letha?"


"Will it make you sad to see everyone?"


"Why not? Don't you miss everyone?"

after a minute went by...

"Yes, I miss them.  But it doesn't make me sad to see or talk to them.  I'm like a book.  That chapter is closed.  A new chapter has started.  You are like a photo album.  You like to flip back through the pictures and remember."

He may be on to something.

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