Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day #24 School

School - public vs university model?

Our family has been a part of both of these types of schools.  In fact, we've had one girl in each for the past 4 years.  Katie was at Lighthouse, a university model school, for 6th - 8th grades (85ish students).  She went to class M W and; F and we did school at home on T and Th.  It was a great experience.  As was the public school she attended the previous years.  Those teachers at Lawson had it going on! We loved our time there.

This year, Katie is at Central High School, public school, with 1,500ish students.  Needless to say, big change this year.  I'm going to ask if I can interview her and if she agrees, her thoughts will be appearing here very soon.

Today, Mary Margaret has agreed to be interviewed. Background on her: K and 1st grade at Lawson, 2nd grade at South, 3rd and; 4th grades at Moreau Heights (all public).  We never had a horrific anything at these schools.  Her teachers cared for her and taught her and loved on her while she was at each one.  Leaving Moreau Heights was the toughest, I believe because she's older and has established relationships and that makes all the difference when leaving a place.

She and Katie have switched places, so to speak.  She goes to Glora Deo Academy here in Springfield, a classical education university model school.  She goes to class M and; W, and we are home T, Th and; Fri.  Most weeks she finishes her schoolwork on Thurs and has Friday "off."

Me: What are some things like you like about your school?
MM: New Friends! I only have to go to actual class two days a week, and we are home the other days.  People in my class are nice to each other.  And with a smaller group (15), the girls get closer with all the girls and the guys are closer to each other, we all can get to know each other better.  I love how at recess we get to be with kids in other grades, like the 4th and 6th grade girls.  We have a field to play in. I get to take Latin.  We are having a dinner theater! We talk about God in our class and we read the Bible at school.

Me: What is your least favorite thing?
MM: Wearing a uniform.  But it's not too bad. It is comfy and I get to choose what color shirt I wear.

Me: If you could change anything about your new school, what would it be?
MM: No uniform.

She did tell me that while EER (gifted in Jefferson City) was challenging in one area at a time (of her choosing), this is challenging in every area every day.

I will say that she is certainly being stretched like never before, and I've had to be patient as that in itself is an adjustment, not to mention everything else around her changing (with moving to a new city).

It seems that she is feeling more settled now, more sure of herself.  I have struggled over the years with feeling like MM sometimes gets the short end of the stick (due to circumstances beyond my control - us moving, others moving, etc).  I believe she will thrive and flourish in the next few years.  She has such an amazing compassion for people. It's going to be exciting to see how God uses that in her life and in the lives of those around her.

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