Friday, October 5, 2012

Day #5

In honor of Kelli's visit this weekend, I am posting about an adventure we had back in the summer of 2010.
Several months back, Kelli and I got tickets to go see Beth Moore in St. Louis, June 25 and 26. We made our plans and we were ready to go. 

I had the brilliant idea that we could take the MetroLink from our hotel (in Clayton - approx 7 miles away) to the Chaiffetz Arena (on STLU campus) to hear Beth. After all, we might have to pay $5 to park! and we are frugal people! Our husbands would be so proud of us (the frugal part).

So...after 3 MetroLink stations, incorrect directions from at least 4 St. Louisans, and walking (the WRONG direction) approx 2.5 - 3 miles, (right through what appeared to be a group ready for gang initiation waiting on the city bus) in our cute, freshly ironed outfits, accessories and darling shoes (meant for completing the look, NOT walking, walking, walking), carrying our Bible study bags, sweating until we were dripping, getting blisters on the bottom of our feet, walking into the Children's Hospital to call a cab, look for a water fountain and ask for Band-aids, meeting the Security Guard, Mr. Stuckey,

 our new (former Marine, 60ish) Hero who cancelled our call for the cab and drove us over to the arena...after all that, after leaving our hotel at 3:45, we walked into the arena at 6:50....imagine our delight, to not only get to our final destination, but also have a terrific friend, Sandee

who had saved us seats... on the front row! Can I just say, it doesn't get any better than front row seats at a Living Proof Live event? Kelli and I both warned the girls on either side of us to be forewarned, that we were not "smelling pretty" and believe me, we were not. It was about 5 til 7, and I was frantically texting Tara to ask if she and Tamara would give us a ride back to our hotel when it was over -- I knew it would not be safe to walk to the Metro-Link at 10 pm. I found her, she agreed to give us a ride. So, we get into the arena.

I found my seat, took a deep breath, and Kelli said, "Look 3 seats down." I did. You'll never believe who was there! BooMama! we rushed right over, and I said, "Boo?" and she looked up, smiling & said, "Yes?" We then proceeded to hug and act as if we've known each other forever, and she wanted to know our names and where were from, and then the music started, and our visit was cut short. But that's ok, because we got to say hello and make a picture.
It was a crazy afternoon, leading up to the event. But once the worship started, it was so great to forget about getting there and just enjoy being there. Beth brought the Word, and taught us about each of being created in the image of God.

Great conversation, teaching, worship, laughs, Krispy Kremes, wrong turns, more laughs, food at Applebee's (weight watcher menus), hurting feet, gross peaches, a man who wanted to take care of us "lovely ladies," shopping fun, a waitress whose tatoo said "Daddy's Girl" and much more than I can remember now...all that to say, we made some memories.

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