Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day #23

32 days until our vacation.

I think I am looking forward to this trip more than anyone else in my family.  I keep thinking about the fact that these family trips, with just the 4 of us, are now numbered.  3 years from now, Katie will be off to college, and will be working, etc.  I see friends whose kids are grown and off on their own, or in college, and the number of times they are all together goes down significantly.  Now those kids are bringing home their significant others, or all the kids are rarely home at the same time -- I now it's the natural progression of things, it just makes me want to treasure these times - the time we are all together, the original Hughes Four. 

And so, in 32 days, we will head to DisneyWorld. 

Oh, wait, did I say vacation? Maybe I should call it our family trip.

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