Friday, October 19, 2012

Day #19 Favorite Household Products

Here are some of my favorite things to use in our home.

Kris Crawford introduced me to this Method toilet cleaner and I have to say, I love it! I get it at Target, and as Kris says, if you have to do a dirty job, might as well use a product that makes your whole bathroom smell nice and fresh.

Becky Meeker introduced me to Bar Keepers Friend, and Dana Meeker Thornhill introduced her. This is the best cleaner for my stainless steel kitchen sink.  My sink shines when I use this. Love it.
Both Casey Marchman and Chanda Clark told me about Mrs. Meyer's cleaners.  This is a big bottle, and I add a capful to a spray bottle filled with warm water. It makes our house smell clean but not medicinal or ammonia-ish.
I really like this iron.  Jay got it for me at Lowe's, after I walked by and admired it a few times. It's heavy and it reminds me of the iron Mom had when we were growing up.
This is laundry wash made by Tyler candle company. I only use this to wash towels, and most often for guests. It only takes a capful.  It smells really good. The scent I have is "High Maintenance."  I've found it at Good and Perfect Gifts in Jefferson City.
You probably recognize this from Bath and Body Works. I like these little plug in things. 
Goo Gone! This stuff will get sticky residue off of anything! I even used it on Mary Margaret's shirt that had a sticker on it when it went through  the laundry. I'm a believer.

This one is not a household product, it's a "improve my appearance" product.

Clinique All About Eyes Concealer.  This.  Product.  Works.  I get dark circles all around my eyes - it used to be just below, but now they go all the way around.  I went to the Clinique counter a few weeks ago, during bonus time, to get some new foundation.  Ms. Vonda waited on me, and we chatted a little, and just before I checked out, she said, "Would you like to come back next week and we could work on your make up a little?" I immediately said, "Yes!" I have always felt like when I try to do my eyes, I look like a child playing in her mother's make up.  So, I went back. And she introduced me to this concealer.  I am here to tell you that it works.  And, I love Ms. Vonda, too.  She's from north Alabama and we had the nicest visit while she did my make up.  In fact, she gave me her card and her number, and I called her, and we are going to lunch today!



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