Friday, July 30, 2010

Our home


june 2010 092


june 2010 100

1811. Home sweet home for the Hughes.

Thank you for taking time to look at the transformation of our home. We are so blessed, beyond what we could have ever dreamed of or imagined.

Mary Margaret’s room


check out the carpet.

k's bday, house & more 083

Ben installing mm’s fan/light.


june 2010 107

june 2010 108

more december 042  

She matches her room. Can you guess what mm’s favorite colors are?

Katie’s room


This is the “master bedroom” upstairs, so Katie was thrilled when she realized she would have her own bathroom.  She wants to paint the bathroom lime green & turquoise, but that hasn’t happened…yet.

k's bday, house & more 108

feb 007

Jay built window seats in each of the girls’ rooms.

june 2010 110


june 2010 109

Katie loves her purple room. 

Half bath


This is the half bath just off of the living room.

feb 2010 007

Jay was in “destruction” mode.

feb 2010 009

feb 2010 027

feb 2010 026

spring 2010 002

spring 2010 003

Jay installed the bead board, and built the cabinet for the sink.

344504_orig june 2010 101

The finished product. I think this is my favorite “before & after.”

The entryway




Jay pried up every single one of those individual  tiles.

k's bday, house & more 034

june 2010 103

christmas decor and more 043house12 IMG_65017801440_origjune 2010 113

  I love seeing the difference with these side by side, esp the stairs.

  Brad Prenger did an excellent job on our hardwoods.

Dining Room

When we were looking for a house, there were  a few “requirements” at the top of our list. A dining room was one of those,


We stripped the wallpaper & also removed the paneling.  And, yes, the light fixture.

k's bday, house & more 025

Becky suggested that we open up the wall between the dining room & the living room.k's bday, house & more 024

view from  the living room

k's bday, house & more 030

k's bday, house & more 035

k's bday, house & more 093

I found this at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, and painted it to go in the dining room.


Mom & Dad gave us these as a wedding gift.

jan 008

I love the way it feels so open now.  

I found the rug at Aldi’s. I know, not where I would think I would find a rug!

june 2010 104

house to show kelli 004

I bought this fabric when we were in Myrtle Beach last year, before we had a house. Mom did these panels & I love the way they turned out.   

That concludes the dining room post.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Living Room

4276626_orig june 2010 115


june 2010 114

jan 005

I don’t have many pics of the “during” phase.  I think this is my favorite room.



the befores…

brookside 006


brookside 007

k's bday, house & more 029

the destruction/reconstruction begins


Chris ready to work.

k's bday, house & more 027

Casey came from Georgia to help.

k's bday, house & more 026

And Joy came from Louisiana to help.

k's bday, house & more 037

They did the glazing of the kitchen cabinets.  It was tedious, and cold, and our cabinets are beautiful! I think of my sweet friends every time I am in the kitchen.


We cleaned & painted the original hardware & it turned out great.

k's bday, house & more 036

Becky primes some trim.

k's bday, house & more 137

Jay & Joe working on the circuits.

mud room area before


dec 2009 & more 001

Jay & Kenny, just before they installed our “lockers” that they built.

dec 2009 & more 010 

dec 2009 & more 014

dec 2009 & more 058

Love these lockers. They put outlets in them, so we can charge our phones & laptops.

feb 001

Mom made the roman shades & treatments in the breakfast nook, also.

    house7 IMG_5346

house8 IMG_5343

Befores & afters.