Thursday, July 29, 2010

The breakfast nook


The first thing we did after we closed on this house was strip this wallpaper.  It came off quickly & relatively easily, which was wonderful.  Jay pulled up the linoleum & we started painting.

Side note – I sent in my “decorating dilemma” to a blog that I regularly read. She posted it & people wrote in with  their suggestions. It is interesting to read others’ ideas. Check it out if you’d like 

Click on “ok” when it pops up. She is no longer posting there.

k's bday, house & more 028

k's bday, house & more 079

k's bday, house & more 135

Dana was one of many friends who pitched in to help.

k's bday, house & more 082

Jason & Blake came & did some of the lighting & wiring.

k's bday, house & more 088

I bought this fixture on Craigslist & painted it.

november 09 009

The hardwoods are in.

november 09 056

My grandmother gave us this table & chair set & it was “blonde.” A few coats of paint, and new fabric on the chairs &  it fits this spot perfectly.


I found this piece at a yard sale, and it was pine before I painted it.


Before & After.

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