Friday, July 30, 2010

Dining Room

When we were looking for a house, there were  a few “requirements” at the top of our list. A dining room was one of those,


We stripped the wallpaper & also removed the paneling.  And, yes, the light fixture.

k's bday, house & more 025

Becky suggested that we open up the wall between the dining room & the living room.k's bday, house & more 024

view from  the living room

k's bday, house & more 030

k's bday, house & more 035

k's bday, house & more 093

I found this at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, and painted it to go in the dining room.


Mom & Dad gave us these as a wedding gift.

jan 008

I love the way it feels so open now.  

I found the rug at Aldi’s. I know, not where I would think I would find a rug!

june 2010 104

house to show kelli 004

I bought this fabric when we were in Myrtle Beach last year, before we had a house. Mom did these panels & I love the way they turned out.   

That concludes the dining room post.

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