Saturday, July 24, 2010

it's only been 9 months...

It's been nine months since I first posted, which means we have lived here, at 1811, for nine months. So I guess it's time I really get started.

This blog has a few purposes. 1) to tell the story (through photos mostly) of our the transformation of our new home. 2) I am going to print all the posts/pictures in a digital scrapbook, which will save me time & energy making the old-fashioned kind.

After I finish all the house tales, maybe I'll continue to write about life, who knows? I know at least 3 people will read this, and I don't want to disappoint.

I have wanted to write a blog for quite awhile now. So here goes...

Basic background - first looked at 1811 in May 2009. After 3 rounds of negotiating, 4 months in an apartment, we closed on it October 30th & moved in 3 weeks later, the week of Thanksgiving. The majority of the following posts & pictures took place in those 3 weeks.

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