Monday, November 22, 2010

old friends…


Friends since 3rd grade.  Florien High School & Louisiana Tech.  Sports, girls, youth group, fun times, near misses, family, celebrations, losses, victories, defeats, disappointments, weddings & funerals. 


I don’t have the appropriate words to describe these guys.  Wonderful weekend.  Reliving old memories, and making new ones.

How good our Father has been to my husband, blessing him with such a friendship – two men, now husbands & dads, both so strongly wanting to honor their Father in their lives.  A great thing, to have the encouragement & strength of each other.

How blessed am I, to do life with this man God must have created with me in mind.  And, a perk: his friends have become my friends.  I love Jennifer (Don’s wife) as if I have known her forever.  We seem to get together every few years, but it seems like it was just yesterday.  When we part ways, I am encouraged and also inspired. 

Man, life is good.

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