Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sierra Leone (three)

Another group of people that we spent time with while in Sierra Leone, are the orphans that live at Ms. Margaret’s.  Her home is right on the edge of the war widows’ camp, and pretty close to Tom & Becky’s house; one day, they walked over to see us, and another day we walked over to see them. 

A few of these kids that I connected with – Mariama will just steal your heart.  Sweet sweet sweet, & so loving. And dance? This girl has got some moves! It was so fun watching her & Heidi match each other, move for move.  That’s Margaret next to Mariama.




Yaema also lives at Ms. Margaret’s.  She is 14 and she loves to sing. It took some coaxing to get her to dance, but when “Thriller” came on, I taught her part of the Thriller dance & she liked that! 


Posted below are pictures of where these kids live.  The stack of foam in the corner is pulled out at night & spread out, and that is where some of the kids sleep.  The buckets are what the kids use when they walk to the well to get water.


Some do have bunk beds.


Their bathroom.


Their kitchen.


Their clothesline.


This was next to one of the kids’ bunks.


They walked us part of the way home, and then waved good bye.


The last night we were there, our team had a meeting, to decide how to disperse the funds that we had left over.  We left $650 to build a bed for the big boys at Margaret's, a bed with a rail for Martin (Martin is a quadriplegic man that Margaret cares for), and a mattress for the big boys. 

I have a day dream, where men from our church go to Sierra Leone & build beds for the kids at Ms. Margaret’s who don’t have beds, among other building projects. I would love to go & be the cook for a trip like this!  Who knows?  Dreams do come true!

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