Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sierra Leone (one)

There is so much to tell about it, I will take this one topic at a time.  I encourage you to read Becky's blog. She & Tom are the missionaries that we worked with while in Sierra Leone.

One highlight of my trip was getting to know Mohammed.  Tom & Becky first met him in January.  He had been living on the streets for approximately 3 years when they met him.

He had some sort of infection all over his body, and without medical intervention, would more than likely die.  Tom & Becky decided to have him taken to a clinic near their house to have him treated.  Here he is 7 months later:


He smiles & smiles.  He loves life. He lives life.  He loves to dance! 

I tried to insert a video of him dancing here but I can’t get it to work.

Our whole team fell in love with him.  In SL, boys are called “bobos” so we fondly call this boy The Bobo. 

So thankful to have gotten to know this precious boy.

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