Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sierra Leone (five)

The highlight of my trip was taking a day trip over to Mile 91 (91 miles from Freetown). There, I was able to meet & spend time with Hawa Mansaray, the 13 year old girl that our family sponsors every month.  I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to sit & talk with her & see where she lives, goes to school & church. I also met the family that she lives with (her dad was killed in the war & her mom drowned 6 years ago).


I loved the picture below (thank you, Sarah!) of me, showing Hawa a picture of Katie & Mary Margaret. 



I was able to walk inside & see exactly where she lives.  She & 4 other people live in one room.  There is a bed, a table, a bike & other things stacked by the walls.  When we were standing next to the bed, pulling a puzzle out of the bag, I asked Hawa where she sleeps.  She tapped her foot on the floor.  I looked down, and said, “Right here?” and she nodded.  We were standing in a space about 2 feet by 4 feet on a concrete floor – basically the walk way next to the bed.  Katie had made a pillow for her, and right then I pulled it out of the bag & handed it to her, and she hugged it to her, and that beautiful smile as she said, “Thank you! Thank you! Oh, thank you!”

To say it was an amazing experience would be an understatement. How many people get to do that? Meet the child they sponsor?  What a blessing! Truly unforgettable.


  1. Very pretty girl. Wonderful experience.

  2. Truly unforgettable. Keep sharing.

  3. i have loved reading your posts, niki. thanks for sharing your experiences and what the Lord is doing.