Saturday, May 31, 2014

Book club, June 15, chapters 9-12

Several people have asked me questions about this book. If you are reading along, I hope you will take a few minutes and answer the questions. Thanks! 

I love the story in chapter 9 about P's response to Melanie's belly button surgery. And the acupuncture.  "Oh, hindsight. You are funny."

Her chapter titles crack me up. "That Time I Almost Went on Judge Judy."

The hardest I laughed in the whole book was in chapter 12 when P did the reading at their friends' wedding. Great point to the story though - I am my husband's cheerleader. 

1. Do you remember things you found out about your spouse after you got married that you didn’t necessarily know beforehand? I remember realizing that we  had both participated in things before marriage, simply because it was a way to spend time together. Ex. I don't play tennis. But I would go just to be with Jay. It certainly didn't take him long to figure that one out. He would go shopping with me. That is really not one of his favorite things to do. He also balances the checkbook to the penny. My thought at that time was, "I'm sure they know what they're doing over at the bank. Why should I waste my time opening those envelopes they send me?"
2. What was the first fight of your newlywed days? I'm pretty sure it was when we got a letter in the mail saying that the check mailed in to pay for jay's CPA exam had bounced. And yes, I was in charge of the finances at that time. Guess what? He started taking care of them right then and has been doing it ever since. It works well for both of us that way! 
3. In Chapter 7, Melanie discusses finances. Do you have a budget you stick to every month? Yes, we do. We have used the envelope system for cash for 12+ years. It works well for us. Each year we look at our budget and adjust according to things we know are ahead of us that year. I'm thankful for a husband who believes in saving and is disciplined in that. 

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  1. Ch 9 – Love her description of a “man cold” and the acupuncture story.
    Ch 10 – “…a potato in any form is one of my love languages.” Me, too! And end of the chapter when she says it’s unfair that the pinnacle of physical fitness is before we’re married; that would be better to start off wrinkled with cellulite, and the reward for staying married be that your body gets better each year. 
    Ch 11 – Judge Judy title - hilarious. “Unfortunately, we didn’t throw any of that money toward some granite countertops and a farmhouse sink for the kitchen… but the most important thing is that we have a vehicle we can drive through a lake.” LOL!
    Ch 12 – I truly laughed out loud over the borrowed muscle relaxers and wedding scripture reading. And: “Because enough voices will tell you, ‘YES, it was that bad,’ and sometimes we all just need a soft place to land.”

    1) I don’t think I knew just HOW good his sense of humor was until we were married (we had a short courtship). Also he’s very creative, especially when it comes to helping our girls (I’m not so crafty!)
    2) Biggest fight in our newlywed days was over combining our households and house décor. Really?? We each had our own place before, and let’s just say, our tastes didn’t match.
    3) Yes, we have a budget but don’t use the envelope system. We save and invest. It helps that we both are frugal. I’m very thankful to have few financial disagreements!