Thursday, September 9, 2010

Time marches on…

I have recently started following a new blog, thanks to Joy, who led me to it through  Here’s the link if you want to have a look.  I have just joined her “online book study” of the book Radical by David Pratt, which we are about to go through at church.  There’s room for more! It’s not too late to join.

Anyway, In her latest post, she asked this question:

“In your current stage of life, do you find yourself wanting to stop the clock or fast forward a bit? And why?”

I was just talking with a friend about this the other day…so I posted a comment – I am usually a lurker, just read & never comment, but this time, I did, and here is what I wrote…

“I, too, want to STOP the time & just freeze everything. Our girls are 12 & 9 & I ab-so-lute-ly love it. We can play a game together, laugh at the same things (at ourselves - which I love seeing in my kids, that they CAN laugh at themselves, & we laugh at each other, too), and enjoy a (somewhat) meaningful conversation, we don't have to pack up the house to go on a trip - it's easier to be spontaneous now, we go & see movies together, like Toy Story 3 & each one of us enjoys it, and so important...we are all tall enough to ride all the rides!! (If the girls decided they actually liked roller coasters, this part would be even better, but we have hope that they will change their minds).  All 4 of us like to read, and sometimes I read aloud to the girls, but sometimes...I love these times...we all end up in the living room, each with a book.  love love love these times!

This was good food for thought. "

So now I would like to know…from both of you who read this, what about you? do you find yourself wanting to stop the clock or fast forward a bit? and why?


  1. Oh, I would say stop the clock, I can't imagine fast forwarding at this moment in my kids lives. Right now my boys are so innocent and free. One, just wants love from his momma and has such a tender heart, two spends his days "pretending" to be a robot, batman or an alligator so much so that he only answers to whatever character he chooses for the day, and no. 3 favorite place in the world is my lap with a book. One day this will all change and our pretend adventures will become more real, crazy & dangerous lol. That's going to be alot of fun, but I dread the heartbreak they will experience some day from a first love. I dread the felling of disappointment some young men face as they strive to become the men they want to be. I dread the first time someone tells them that their dream is unattainable. I know all these things they experience will help them become wonderful men someday, but sometimes the ride can be painful. I do look forward to our future fun adventures skydiving, rock bands, motorcycles, cliff diving … I think … lol

  2. fast forward! i feel somewhat guilty actually admitting it. i know that parenting olders isn't cake, but with four little ones demanding more than i feel i can provide, i am just weary most days. of course, i am thankful beyond measure, and i am thankful that i am in desperate need of the Lord. i also look forward to no diapers, sippie cups, and spit-up stains. and yes, i will gladly eat these words in 5-10 years.

  3. okay, so the Lord has kept this on my mind today, since i typed my comment. i think i would change my answer. maybe not fast forward or pause, but just enjoy everyday that comes in regular time. today my baby's head smelled extra sweet, snuggling my 4 year old was an unexpected treat, and watching my 6 year old dance with my sweet little girl to some dumb song on tv made me tear up. now i am thankful that i am not the one who controls my days, but that He is, and He is the author of all things good.