Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Radical means…chapter 3

I got today’s topic from Maria’s blog. Over there you can read lots of different responses to chapter 3 of Radical. She posed the question…

How might we go about making much of our Father in this world?

In my world, one way I can “make much of my Father” is by the way I interact with and talk to people. That means strangers at the grocery store, the person who is checking groceries at WalMart, the girl who takes my blood pressure at the doctor’s office, my students, my neighbors, my family, Katie & Mary Margaret, Jay. My tone of voice should be loving to those I speak to, not demeaning.   I truly believe that the way I treat other people is a direct indication of Christ in me.

Sometimes, I do great with this with strangers and friends, and my family gets my left-overs. They should be getting my “first fruit.” I feel like these two girls are my first mission field. Am I “making much of my Father” when talking with, teaching them, living life before their eyes? Some days are better than others.

I just typed a sentence in the first paragraph that included “my neighbors.” I believe that “making much of my Father” means a little more than waving & an occasional chat by the fence. I have great intentions to do more, but so far, my intentions haven’t gotten me anywhere.

I can also “make much of my Father” by serving others, by having an attitude of service. That is no problem for me, if what is being asked of me is something I really don’t mind doing, if I can still be comfortable while doing it. However, if it involves getting sweaty, messy or stinky, I am the first to come up with an excuse as to why I can’t do it. If it might call for me to be inconvenienced, I want no part of it.

I could “make much of my Father” with my cash. Notice, I said “could.” This is hard for me! I want to use it for me, and for my benefit. It’s easy to tithe, because I never see or touch that money. When it is cash in my hand/purse, I want it all for ME. Saving to go to West Africa in May is a stretch for me. Bigtime.   (Not to mention getting sweaty, messy, etc. )

I have a feeling He is going to reveal to me more ways that I can “make much of my Father.” It truly is my desire to hang on for the ride, and be willing to do whatever He asks of me.

Maria also posed this question…

What would it take in your life to get you to a point where you’re really, truly dependent on God?

I’m still thinking on this one. I’d love to know your thoughts on this.

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  1. Niki, thank you for reminding me of how I should always be a witness even for my family.Which i agree with you is hard more in times of strife. I sure miss your godly influence in my life and neighborhood. love ya lori