Thursday, January 13, 2011

He did it again

Last spring my friend Nicole called & asked if my dad could go & visit her dad.  A devout Catholic, he had cancer & was nearing the end of his life.  Daddy said of course he would go. And he did.  Over the next weeks, he went to see Mr. Davis several times.  They talked about life, and eternity, and after several times together, Mr. Davis gave his life to Christ.

On the way home that day, Dad told Mom that he was feeling like the Lord was drawing him back to pastor again.  He said he just didn’t feel like the Lord was finished using him in that way.  Mom responded by encouraging him to go for it.  He was concerned about the fact that he cannot remember like he used to, and what if he lost his train of thought when he was preaching?  Mom reminded him that he would have his notes, and also, if God called him to do it, He would equip him. 

So, he put his name out there, made some calls…and nothing happened.

In the meantime, Mom accepted a piano playing job at a church right up the road from their house, and seems to be enjoying it, more than she had anticipated.

And so, months have gone by, and over at Sweetwater (where Tommy & TK go to church in Quitman), Bro. Stewart Toms has retired, after pastoring there for 27 years.  And they need an interim.  And guess who they called? That’s right. My dad. And he is so pumped. 

The Bible says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart” (Mom just reminded me of that verse today, concerning a completely different topic).  And now, He has given Daddy the desire of his heart, to pastor again, one more time, a little bit longer…

When we delight in Him, He does give us the desires of our hearts, and He has done it again.



  1. yay! i am one of the many that have been blessed to have your dad as a pastor. thankful that the Lord has called him to a new 'adventure', also thankful that your dad is willing to be used by the Lord. your mom and dad are so special and i am so excited for them! send them my love, and let them know i will be praying for them. angie

  2. What a great story of God doin' His thing.

  3. What great news! It makes me happy that the Lord is leading him in this direction. Your family has blessed our family in so many ways -- his preaching has been one -- and now even more will be blessed. I love your Mom and Dad. And what a GREAT picture of them!

  4. YAY!!! I LOVE these stories!! :) And I LOVE the look of your blog, VERY PRETTY! Thanks Niki for sharing your life with all of us and most importantly your Faith and love for Christ! I live by your example! :)

  5. I heard this bit of news this week from my parents and think it is wonderful! God will continue to use him as long as he is willing to be used!

  6. So happy for your dad and your family :) It's all in His hands!